Why did I choose COLX:?

Quite simply, I believe it to be the very latest and the very best Cryptocurrency available today.

History has an uncanny knack of repeating itself and, if you remember, ALL cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, started out life at zero!

There has been ongoing developments and improvements since the inception of the original Bitcoin code in 2009 and following the ancestral history behind COLX you’ll begin to see why I chose this one.

    • 2009 Great Grandfather ‘Bitcoin’ – Current Price $19,100.00
    • 2014 Grandfather ‘Dash’ – Current Price $1,201.64
    • 2016 Father ‘Pivx’ – Current Price $8.26
    • 2018 New Born ‘COLX’ – Current Price $0.0002

Obviously, nothing in this life can ever be 100% guaranteed, look at Northern Rock and Lehman Brothers for example; this is a very speculative adventure, but I’m putting all my money on this little baby and am very excited to see what the future holds in store for her now.

Also, COLX is a ‘Proof of Stake’ (POS) Coin. Proof of Stake has the advantage of not being devalued by people mining the currency. There is only a finite amount of COLX and you can only get it by buying it. Only then through ‘staking’ can people earn a fixed rate of return on their coins. Staking is very efficient so even old computers can do it; it uses negligible power and computer resources while running seamlessly in the background.

Good Luck!

And Happy Staking…

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